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12 Week Fat Loss /

Fitness Photoshoot Prep Program

You?  A fitness model?




Imagine committing with your mind, heart, & soul for 3 months, having a plan to follow, being connected with like-minded women with similar goals, with 3 amazing coaches to guide you along the way.

Its a chance to be challenged, to change, and to complete something you never thought possible.


The 12 Week Program Includes :

  • Personalized nutrition plan with delicious foods so you don`t feel restricted.

  • Meal calendar, shopping list, and recipes each week to make food prep seamless and easy.


  • Customized workout program built around the equipment you have available to you and designed to suit your schedule.


  • Access to the TeamAnge App complete with demo videos and a training calendar (sync with your FitBit or Apple Watch)


  • Weekly team calls for motivation and accountability, and support from all 3 coaches, and the other ladies!


  • 4 Virtual Classes each week designed to take your body to another level; led by Coach Vanessa

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The Fitness Photoshoot Option Includes :

  • Guidance leading up to the photoshoot to achieve your optimal level of lean, and ensure you are mentally prepared - and EXCITED!

  • A Professional Photoshoot day at the end of the 12 week prep, during which you will have private time shooting with the photographer.

  • Guidance in relation to posing and wardrobe selection, plus your own Glam-up (hair and makeup)!!

  • Access to all unedited images, plus several edited images of your choice.


“I honestly cannot remember exactly why I signed up for the photoshoot.  

I really do not like having pictures of me.  

When I could see the changes I was making to my body - all for the good - …..more muscle definition, trimming down etc, I decided that I wanted to finish this adventure with professional shots. Complete the journey.

I was more confident in my skin.  I took pictures of me working out in a sports bra and posted them to the group.  I could see and feel the difference and I felt great!! 

I really loved the whole process.  I love working out, I loved the meals (super super easy for me 🙂 ) and the day of the shoot was so much fun.  

Getting pampered with hair and makeup and getting a spray tan... all things that I would NOT normally do.  And watching other people that also had a similar journey for their own reasons end with the shoot!  

It was fantastic!!  

The photographer also made it fun, safe, comfortable, and easy!  

Ange was also awesome help, making sure you would pose the best to show off your muscles and beauty.

To quote NIKE - just do it!! 

It is a fantastic way to celebrate all of your hard work, dedication, determination, and beauty.  This was something that took months (or years) to achieve and what better way than to get a professional photoshoot as a memory.  

I am sure I would do it again!"

Kathryn H; Completed the 28 Day Challenge

& the 12 Week Photoshoot Prep Program