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Bacon, Avocado & Cheddar Egg Wrap

Makes 2 Servings

Macros: 403 Cal, Fat 35g, Carbs 4g, Fibre 2g, Protein 18g


4 slices Bacon

2 Egg

1/8 tsp Sea Salt

1/2 tsp Avocado Oil (divided)

28 grams Cheddar Cheese (shredded)

2 leaves Romaine (large, whole)

1/4 Avocado (sliced)


  1. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Add the bacon and cook for 5 to 7 minutes each side or until it is cooked through and crispy. Remove and set aside.

  2. Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl, whisk the eggs and salt together until well combined.

  3. Heat a small non-stick pan over medium heat. Add enough oil to the pan to evenly coat it.

  4. Add a 1/4 cup of the egg to the oiled pan and tilt the pan in a circular motion to distribute the egg evenly. Cook for 60 to 90 seconds or until just set and the egg releases easily from the pan. Flip the egg and sprinkle 1/4 of the shredded cheese onto the top side of the egg and continue cooking for 60 to 90 seconds until the cheese begins to melt. Remove and repeat with remaining egg and cheese.

  5. To serve, layer the lettuce, avocado and cooked bacon on top of the melted cheese and roll or fold altogether. Enjoy!


Leftovers: Refrigerate the egg wraps in an airtight container for up to three days or freeze for up to one month. Assemble wraps just before serving.

Pan Size: This recipe was tested in a 8-inch non-stick pan.

Dairy-Free: Omit the cheese.

More Flavour: Add garlic powder or dried herbs to the eggs.

No Cheddar Cheese: Use another semi-hard cheese instead, like gouda or havarti.

No Romaine: Use leaf lettuce, spring mix or baby spinach instead.

Make it Meat-Free: Use tomato slices instead of bacon.

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