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Bacon, Egg + Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Makes 1 serving

Macros: 517 cal, fat 27g, carbs 41g, protein 30g, fibre 9g


1 thin bagels or GF bagels

olive oil spray

2 large eggs, beaten (optional) - OMIT if you don't eat eggs or use egg replacement

salt and pepper, to taste

2 slices turkey bacon, halved

1 ripe small avocado, smashed

Red pepper flakes, optional


Heat two nonstick skillets over medium heat and spray with oil.

Scramble the eggs, if using, with salt and pepper and cook in skillet. In the second skillet, cook the turkey bacon. Set aside. Toast the bagel, if you'd like. Make the sandwiches by layering the eggs, turkey bacon, avocado and red pepper flakes.

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