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Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps - That Clean Life

Makes 2 Servings

Macros: 439cal, fat 17g, carbs 31g, protein 40g, fibre 4g


1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (divided) Tahini

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard

1 tsp Nutritional Yeast

1/8 tsp Sea Salt (divided)

1 Tbsp Water

1/2 head Boston Lettuce

2 Brown Rice Tortilla

1/2 Tomato (chopped, seeds removed)

227g Chicken Breast, Cooked (chopped into cubes or slices)


Add the olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, mustard, nutritional yeast, sea salt and water to a jar. Shake vigorously to combine until smooth and creamy.

Place a few leaves of lettuce in a tortilla, and add the tomato. Place the chicken on top and drizzle with the tahini caesar dressing. Wrap and repeat until all the wraps are made. Enjoy!

Leftovers: All ingredients are best stored separately, and away from the dressing. Refrigerate the dressing for up to one week.

Serving Size: One serving is equal to one wrap.

Additional Toppings: Add sliced or cubed avocado.

More Flavour: Season the chicken with herbs and spices like oregano, thyme, garlic powder and onion flakes.

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