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Veggie & Hummus Wrap

Makes 1 serving

Macros: 495 cal, Fat 21g, Carbs 39g, Protein 42g, Fibre 10g


1 yellow bell pepper

1 cucumber

1 zucchini

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt & black pepper (to taste)

4 large romaine lettuce leaves

1/2 cup hummus

NOTE: This meal is also served with 5 oz chicken breast.

You can bake, grill or BBQ the chicken to your liking.

Directions: Slice vegetables (pepper, cucumber and zucchini) into thin size pieces OR

spiralize using a spiralizer. Toss with olive oil and season with sea salt & pepper. Spread out a spoonful of hummus onto your romaine lettuce wrap & then top with the chopped veggies. Wrap it up and enjoy.

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