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12 Weeks of Personalized Transformation Coaching
  • 12 Weeks of Personalized Transformation Coaching

    This 12 week personalized coaching program to take your health & fitness goals to the next level! 

    We are dedicated to teaching women how to eat balanced meals that support their body transformation goals without giving up all of the things they love. 


    - You’ve tried it all, with lacklustre results
    - You’re sick of wasting money on programs that don’t work
    - You want jaw-dropping, lasting physique changes

    Does it feel like you’ve tried everything with very little results? We understand how it feels to follow a bad program, which, is why for almost a decade we’ve helped transform the lives of thousands of women-with a program that actually works. Stop wasting time and energy on fad diets. Instead, become the strongest and most confident version of yourself, with lasting results.


    It’s possible to escape the endless hamster wheel finding the “right diet”.

    It’s possible to stop the frustration of endlessly searching for workouts online.

    And it’s definitely possible to break free from the comparison game and picking apart your body daily. 


    Because why not YOU? 


    We'll help you completely transform your body and lose fat over the next 12 weeks without giving up your FAVOURITE FOODS! Plus this fully personalized program is built around your schedule, your body and your goals. 

      C$1,100.00 Regular Price
      C$990.00Sale Price
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